Grand Canal Land Public Company Limited advocates all employees strict compliance with its Code of Conduct and Corporate Governance Principles.

If you have come across any violation of the Code of Conduct, please raise the matter via the online complaint channel, which is designed for employees or external parties to report actions that go against Central Pattanas business conduct.

How to report complaints

  1. Complaints can be filed via the online complaint channel anytime
  2. You will receive an individual case number along with a password, to be sent to your email address given by you. Please keep such data confidential, for tracking the complaint status
  3. The individual case number is key to your access to the online complaint system. Each time you enter the system, please fill out your individual case number to track progress or provide additional data.
  4. Central Pattana takes very seriously every complaint and will take proper action on it, providing periodic progress updates during the course of the investigation. If should additional information be needed, Central Pattana will contact you through the given email address.

Central Pattana is committed to constantly improving the online complaint system and reserves the rights to make future changes.

Whistle-blowing & Complaints