Investor Relations

G Land

Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors

To the Shareholders,

The pandemic of COVID-19 since the beginning of 2020 until now has adverse effect in every business sector, there are many of measure from the Government scheme to response and prevent on the spread of the virus. The livelihood and the people behavior has significantly transform in to “New Normal” such as more online conference, or work from home policy, in order to promote the social distancing etc. From the effect during the COVID-19 situation, it could be consider as a challenge to Grand Canal Land Public Company Limited (“the Company” or “GLAND”) which has to face as a significant test on the Company readiness in order to response and adjust the business operation to continue in the abnormal business situation.

From this irregular situation, the Company has carefully manage in every business, and consider to the beneficial of every stakeholders, such as, aid measure to leasee and shop in the project to relieve the effect. Moreover the Company gives an importance to cleanliness, hygiene and safety to every persona in the Company area, such as, screening measure which conforms to the Public Health measure, reduce touch measure, and regularly sanitize the area, to give a confidence to every customer in the Company area. In terms of internal management, the Company has efficiency manager the cost and expense to align with the Company operation. Also thoroughly revise the investment plan to reduce the cash flow effect and prepare the liquidity in this uncertain situation to continue the long term business growth and return to the shareholders.

For the Business Operation in 2020, the Company has decrease in total revenue from 2019, caused by COVID-19 situation, which change the leasee behavior. The demand in office area leasing has been decreased, also the Company has publish a measure to discount the rental fee to retail business area in multi project, and the revenue from sales of the real estate has been decreased due to the delay of purchase from the customer. However, the Company has efficiently manage the cost of expense and cost of financial, to maintain the profit rate from business operation close to the normal situation. Also record the special profit from the sale of Trust for investment in leasehold of office area GLAND, which increase the 2020 net profit from 2019.

In terms of Good Corporate Governance and equally taken care of every stakeholders, the Company still emphasize on the aforementioned matter. In 2020, the Company has revise and update the code of conduct for the Directors, Management and Employee. The Good Corporate Governance policy along with publication of any other measure excluded from 2019 such as, Securities Trading and Insider Trading Policy, Information Security Policy, Managing Conflict of Interest Policy, etc. As a result, the Company Good Corporate Governance has achieve the standard as equally as other Listed Company in Stock Market Exchange of Thailand and internationally.

Except from the continually on business growth, the Company still focus on the social and environment responsibility, by emphasize, cultivate and fortified the good consciousness to the Company’s Employee, by initiate the project and activities which beneficial to the society and stakeholder in many aspect, such as an investment to saving the energy in operating project, by reduce the cost of electricity in every project more than 10 percent from the previous year, the support of area and facilitate the Thai Red Cross for blood donation, “Big Cleaning @ Ratchada” project, and Earth Hour activity “turn off the light for 1 hour to reduce the global warming”. Moreover, in terms of social development, the Company concept is to become a part of the social, by collaborate the marketing activities to become a center of many aspect, focusing on collaborate with Governance Sector and Civil Society, such as a support in shops with agriculture product, to promote the local agriculture product, develop the local economy and sustainability improvement to the quality of life for the farmer.

On behalf of the Company’s Board of Directors, we are appreciated to all shareholders and stakeholders, for the continue of support to the Company business operation, also to the employee and management who united in action and spirit for the Company to strongly surpass the crisis situation. The Company is giving a confidence that the Board of Directors, Management and every employee still dedicated to the Corporate development to success and for the sustainability growth of the Company and become a part of society under the Good Corporate Governance Policy.

Mr. Sudhitham Chirathivat