Investor Relations

G Land

Message From Chairman

To the Shareholders

In 2019, is a year of challenge for Grand Canal Land Public Company Limited (“the Company” or “GLAND”), from the external factors, which include, economic recession on both domestic and international that effect with consumer confidence, also the internal factors, which is a result from the Company’s management restructured to be more suitable and more efficiency. Also the high competition in the property market was especially for office building business, not only from the expansion from the current entrepreneur but also incoming of the new entrepreneur. However in 2019, the Company, still maintain the business growth as defined in the strategy.

Overall business in 2019, the Company revenue generated from office building, which is the main revenue of the Company, increase from 2018, as a result of lease area and increase in leasing rate. Moreover, the Company recognizes more income from selling property, due to ownership transfer increase in Belle Grand Rama 9 condominium project. In terms of expense, the Company, implement the cost management to reduce the unnecessary cost, which reduces the lease and management cost. On the Company investment matter, apart from the current operations, the Company is considering and studying the possibility of business opportunity including Super Tower and Convention project, Retail sell area lease project (Arcade) and Hotel project.

Not only focus on business operations, but the Company also adhere to Good Corporate Governance and equally taking care of stakeholder. In 2019, the Board of Directors, revised the Company’s Good Corporate Governance, standardized with listed companies in Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) and international standard. Moreover, several policies have been considered, for instance, Anti-corruption policies, Connected Transactions policies, Business Operation Transparency policies, etc. To be adhered by the employee and stakeholder, the Company plans to communicate the Good Corporate Governance and other significant policies to employees at all levels to understand and communicate with others.

The Company believes that, Social and environmental responsibility is one of the factors for sustainable growth. One of the significant of the Company’s mission is to build the recognition and awareness of employees on utilize, efficient use of resources, and recycling valuable resources. In the social manner, the Company, organize the activity to social and stakeholder in many forms, such as, “GLAND Together, Save the Environment” project, which is a project that encourage executives and employees to join together in preserving natural resources and the environment by planting a mangrove forest at Bangpu Nature Education Center, Samut Prakarn, or “Yai Soon Canal water quality improvement” by joining a collaboration between Bangkok Government and private sector for a public benefit. Etc.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank all shareholders and stakeholders for their trust and support for the Company’s operations, including employees and executives who are dedicated to the Company, so that it can retain the growth in this economic challenge. In addition, the Company committed that the Board of Directors, executives and all employees will strive and and dedicate their physical strength and thinking power in developing the organization to achieve sustainable success in order to create wealth and stability for all shareholders and stakeholders. The Company still committed to protecting the environment, society and the community in order to balance the growth of the Company’s business under the principles of good corporate governance and free from all types of corruption.

Mr. Sudhitham Chirathivat